New on Medium – Both Maeflowers and GenTales Have Something of Interest

New in GenTales is a discussion about hoarding history. The value is not in hiding sentimental keepsakes away, it’s in the glimpse they offer of the past.

New in Maeflowers is a short review of the causes of Aicardi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder in which the brain does not fully develop. The exact mechanism that causes it is still unclear, but the theories are leading somewhere. Read about them here.

New in Maeflowers on Medium

Why Breast Cancer Still Eludes a Cure

Breast cancer has been known, at least in the abstract, for thousands of years — though the theory of a hormonal underpinning has only been around for about 100 years. Over recent years, different genetic tests have been developed to catch cancer early, yet mammography still remains the gold standard for screening and early diagnosis. Each year, thousands of women and hundreds of men lose the battle against this disease.

Why haven’t we come farther in this fight?