Genealogy/Lineage Research

Research into your family tree by Alicia Prater, author of My Lineage from the Roots Up, starts with an email to Aliconia Publishing. Alicia will consult with you via email on what you’re looking to obtain. Some lineages are extremely difficult, so Alicia will do a free, cursory look at records to determine whether what you are looking for is feasible. For each line, a referenced report going back as far as possible or to 1800, whichever roadblock is hit first, will be put together for $50. Including all known/recorded siblings of the direct line or going back further in time is $100. A line starts at a defined reference, whether it be the person asking for the work, their parent, grandparent, or other relation. This will be addressed in the email consultation.

Editing and Proofreading

Formatting for digital or print publication is available. For basic formatting (page size with gutter, proofing of font/text, no copyediting or image formatting – .doc or .docx), it’s a set rate of $1 per page. For formatting with images or collation, it’s $25/hour to accommodate the problems that can arise when images are manipulated. This rate also comprises any collation of multiple documents into a single, ready to publish document (.doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, tables, spreadsheets, .jpg, .png) and any additional copyediting requested. A PDF of the entire manuscript will be provided for you ready to upload to your publishing service of choice. Formatting for Amazon into epub format via the KindleCreate software is also available.

Copyediting is available at a rate of $14 per 250 words (editing the text for grammar and usage, basic formatting for consistency, notes and comments about flow and readability).

Scientific editing by Alicia M Prater, PhD is at an hourly rate of $35. References will not be edited. Documents must be .doc or .docx and changes will be tracked. If a more exact per words rate is needed, it can be provided prior to agreement of services. Your general inquiry will be forwarded to Alicia’s personal work email.

Use the information on the Contact page to inquire about these services and the current waiting list. Invoicing can be via either Paypal or Stripe and will be agreed upon prior to the provision of services.