Aliconia Publishing was founded by Alicia M. Prater, PhD, as a New Hampshire LLC in 2019. Her background includes online publishing, editing, and fact checking. Aliconia publishes on the Amazon Kindle platform, but also offers print options. For genres and publications, see aliconiapublishing.com

Our Authors

Alicia M Prater, PhD

Her academic series features study guides published online for students of all ages and backgrounds. Publishing just facts so you can learn just the facts. Dr. Prater received her PhD from the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences at New York Medical College in 2007. Her area of study was in Experimental Pathology. She taught graduate-level anatomy, physiology, and pathology while finishing her dissertation on the genetics underlying hypertension. She has spent over a decade editing dissertations, theses, book chapters, web and packaging content, grants, presentations, and articles for non-native English speakers, as well as writing, editing, and fact-checking for online publishers.

AP Neal

AP Neal has a hundred stories in their head. They wish only to tell each one. The supernatural, the fantastic, the mundane workings of two people eye to eye. They take questions on GoodReads.

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