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My Lineage from the Roots Up, volume 1 (see the surname list)
by Alicia Prater

A genealogical lineage starting from the modern Maertz-Rownes branch, Alicia traces her family lineage through immigration, wars, invasions, and royal subterfuge. Finding royal ancestors, Mayflower pilgrims, political and religious revolutionaries, and peasants with purpose. Both the maternal and paternal lines are considered. Includes black and white illustrations (color available in Kindle version)


Immortal Legacy on Kindle eBook or paperback!

Our first fiction writer, AP Neal, tells the story of Sasha Singh, who returns to New Orleans and finds herself in the middle of a war that will alter her destiny. A war she had always been a part of but knew nothing about until being bitten by the man of her dreams.


Non-fiction from Alicia M Prater, PhD

Just the Facts – Long-lasting Curricula

The Gross Human Body

My Lineage from the Roots Up, volume 2 (available in paperback Spring 2022)