Editing and Proofreading

Formatting for digital or print publication is available at a set rate of $1 per page. A PDF of the entire manuscript will be provided for you ready to upload to your publishing service of choice. Formatting for Amazon epub format is also available.

Copyediting is available at a rate of $14 per 250 words.

Use the information on the Contact page to inquire about these services and the current waiting list. Invoicing can be via either Paypal or Stripe and will be agreed upon prior to the provision of services.

Writing Opportunities

Currently seeking submissions for online magazine!

Gen Tales is where genealogy meets history. We are currently seeking stories about your family tree.


  • Well written and sourced personal slant on history that notes in some form the writer’s relationship to the subject
  • Sign up on the Medium site as a writer and enroll in their Partner Program to be eligible for earnings (all earnings will be paid directly from Medium to you, so even if Aliconia stops publishing Gen Tales, writers will continue to have the opportunity to earn from their writing and to continue adding articles to other parts of the site)
  • Fill out this form to be added to the publication as a writer.

How it works: Once you are signed up for Medium and added to the publication, you can add a completed draft or published article to Gen Tales for addition to the magazine. You will also be eligible for Medium Editor curation and distribution.

The Medium publications help group articles by subject matter to make them easier for readers to find and follow them. You are under no obligation to publish every article in Gen Tales, nor are you under any obligation to publish only genealogy topics.

Be sure to read the Policies on the Medium site. You will own your work and can remove it at any time. You will have direct access to all of your article stats via your writer dashboard. Your earnings on your article are all yours and deposited directly to you by Medium (via Stripe, they have instructions when you register). The Gen Tales editor (Alicia M Prater, PhD) will do a cursory look through your article for any major issues prior to publication but will not change the content. If your article is not acceptable, you will be notified and allowed to resubmit.

You do not need to be a paid Medium subscriber to submit articles (though you can click here if wanting to become a Medium member!*). You can promote your articles any way you wish. You will have a friend link that you can share to allow select people beyond the paywall to read your articles that you can use to your discretion.

*Note: Alicia earns referrals for subscriptions via the link. This is an option you will have as a Medium writer as well. Please read the Medium policies and FAQs.

Fiction manuscripts

New guidelines July 2022

Aliconia Publishing is interested in 250+ page fiction manuscripts of any genre. If your manuscript is completed, send a query letter to the email listed on the Contact page containing the following information:

  • Your name (and pseudonym if used)
  • Number of 1.15 spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman A4 pages and word count
  • Title and book synopsis
  • First 2 pages of Chapter 1

If interested, we will request a chapter outline and information on any visual elements included in the manuscript before entering negotiations for publication. Aliconia Publishing retains the right to edit and reformat any accepted manuscript as appropriate for the intended format. The expectations will be laid out during the negotiations for publication.

Aliconia Publishing retains the right to reject any query sent without all requested information provided to the reviewer’s satisfaction. Aliconia Publishing is under no obligation to respond to a query or to accept a manuscript for publication.