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New in GenTales on Medium – Surnames Vary by Region

There are many factors to consider when attempting to follow a lineage via surname. There are also many types of surnames depending on which region you’re working in.

When tracing surnames, it may be a simple process of following the name through the generations. But if you hit a wall, consider where and who you’re investigating, as it may require a bit of detective work to uncover a name change either between generations or for the person of interest themself.

New on Substack – Limitations of Genetic Ethnicity Estimates

I’ve written before about lowering expectations for genetic genealogy, particularly in the context of ethnicity estimates. In the Lineage Research space at Quora, a lot of questions are asked about why certain ‘known’ ancestries don’t show up in DNA test results. Amidst this confusion, I feel that this topic certainly hasn’t yet been exhausted and compelled to address it once again.

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