The search for Cornelia Martin led to an asylum

On Medium I recently asked, Who was Cornelia Martin? And in answering that question, I found a good example of the type of loss suffered by families in 19th century America.

While working on an upcoming book on the Lincoln line of Windham, Connecticut, I found the children of Nathaniel Martin listed in his will. I was able to find his daughter Cornelia’s birth record, but then she’s gone.

I couldn’t find any other vital records, though her siblings’ fates were all well documented. But I did find a woman of the same name in an asylum in Vermont. Was that her?

New in GenTales: Husbands of Anna Martin

The Lincoln line of my family had already been documented by the time I was the one doing the research. My grandmother had joined DAR via John Lincoln before I was born. In our passed down notes, his wife was always given as Anna Martin Stowell (or Anna M. Stowell or simply Anna Stowell) and there was a bit of time where it wasn’t clear if it was a middle name (likely from her maternal line) or a previous marriage that gave her the two-barrel moniker. Eventually, it got sorted, and her first marriage came to light. Here’s what we know about her now.

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